Registration for All India Conference  5th to 8th October, 2017 Lehragaga (Dist. Sangrur) Punjab

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NHCPM (Nature-Humen Centric Peoples Movement)

The central idea of this website emphasises that the human community is facing the most threatening life or death challenge of climate change in its history.The basic cause of this crisis, in our view, rest with the prevailing unjust and irrational corporate social system, while the immediate one lies in its anti-environment and anti-human corporate policies--with the sociological reason residing in Adam Smith's irrational economic priciple that "man is selfish by nature"--a proposition contrary to the reality of man's bio-social character. A realistic answer to this crisis, in our view, can only come from a Nature-Human Centric Agenda. The second thing regarding this website is that all analysis related to Natural and human processes based on Nature-Human Centric Viewpoint. A Viewpoint different from ongoing viewpoint of Human Centric Concept, Technology Centric Concept, Environment Centric Concept, Nature Centric Concept and The God Centric Concept. The Founder of Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement and its Theoretician was Lt Mr. RP Saraf.Your goodself is requested that to study the writing of Lt. Mr. RP Saraf Founder Editer of Nature-Human Centric Viewpoint the monthly journal published from 1978 to 2009.